It's common knowledge that properly inflated tires last linger and deliver better gas mileage versus under inflated. Most importantly, properly inflated tires are safer for drivers and their passengers. Less know, however, is that tires filled with at least 92% nitrogen will remain properly inflated for a much longer period of time than those filled with regular air. And because nitrogen is an inert gas it does not promote corrosion as oxygen does. So over time, there is far less deterioration of rubber and accumulation of oxidation on tire rims and vale stems. 

Save On Gas  
Studies of nitrogen tire inflation show that car owners can improve gas mileage by up to 10% because their tires remain properly inflated.

Improve Tire Life  
Filling tires with 92% minimum purity nitrogen helps keep them at optimum inflation levels, which in turn delivers improved tread wear compared to under inflated tires. Studies have shown that normal oxygen levels inside tires filled with air are corrosive to both the tire and carcass and the wheel itself, both which can lead to air leakage.

Improve Safety  
Properly inflated tires improve overall safety and handling.